Our main goal for each program is establishing and maintaining a strong, positive relationship with your dog; a relationship built on trust so your dog turns to you for comfort and direction, and strives to please you.

We are positive-reinforcement, force-free trainers, meaning all of the classes are built on having fun with your dog, and manipulating their environment so they make good choices that we can reward them for, and then encourage these good behaviours so they are repeated.


All of our classes are six weeks in length, consisting of one hour classes running once a week.



Our Novice Obedience program is suitable for dogs of all ages and all breeds. If you have a pup who needs to learn basic manners, a teenage dog who struggles with distractions, or an older dog who needs a boost in confidence, this program is suitable for all. This program can be tailored to meet each dog’s individual needs.

In this program we cover basic obedience skills such as ‘sit’, ‘down’, ‘leave-it’, ‘focus’, recalls to handlers, amongst other behaviours that make for a well-rounded companion. We also put a large emphasis on leash walking skills and prolonged stays. We practice all of these skills with increasing distractions such as toys, food, other people, and other dogs. This prepares the dog to focus, and look to their owner for direction when in many different environments and situations.




Our Intermediate Obedience program is a continuation of the Novice Obedience program. This program continues to solidify excellent handler engagement and focus despite numerous different distractions. We continue to build the dog’s ability to make good life decisions by manipulating their environment and heavily reinforcing the behaviours we would like to see repeated.

This program expands basic cues as well as introduces new cues such as ‘front’, ‘place’, and ‘middle’. We also expand on leash walking skills, prolonged stays, and recalls. We begin to teach bed/cot training, leash off manners, and appropriate behaviour during introductions to new people and other dogs. Skills are advanced using fun, interactive games!

We do require all dogs complete our Novice Obedience program before entering the Intermediate program due to our unique training methods and styles.




Our Advanced Obedience program is a continuation of our Intermediate Obedience program. We work on fine tuning all previously learned skills, as well as introducing some new skills including 'off leash heeling' as well solidifying a solid retrieve, and introducing a 'hold' command. We continue to challenge and progress the dogs heeling and focus, as well as work on furthering their 'place' cue with distance sends to their beds and extended stays.

All of these skills are practiced with increasing distraction through the six week program, creating handler focused dogs that can handle any environment they encounter!

We do require all dogs complete our Intermediate Obedience program before entering the Advanced Obedience as the foundations of many of these skills are introduced in that session.




In our Introduction to Agility program we will introduce the fundamental skills required to play in agility. Handlers will learn all about the game of agility and the dogs will learn about the different obstacles in the sport. Obstacles introduced in this program include jumps, tunnels, and weaves and the cues associated with these obstacles. We will also cover the foundations to teaching solid contacts that are used in agility.

Dogs are required to be at least 6 months of age to participate in this program. Obstacles will be set based on age, size, and experience of the individual dog. Dogs must have a decent recall, be comfortable in a crate, non-aggressive towards other dogs and people and be food OR toy motivated.




Our Novice Agility program is a continuation of the Introduction to Agility course. Handlers will further learn about the game of agility which includes handling options, how to navigate a course, different cues to use and when to use them while running a course. Each dog’s agility skills will be advanced including skills on jumps, tunnels, and weaves. Contact training will also be advanced throughout this program. New skills introduced will be backsides,  and sequencing of skills.

Skills can be tailored to meet each dog’s individual level. This program is suitable for dogs who have an understanding of basic agility skills or have taken previous agility classes. Dogs must have a decent recall, be comfortable in a crate, non-aggressive towards other dogs and people and be food OR toy motivated.




Our Intermediate Agility program is a continuation of our Novice Agility course. In this program we work on furthering the dog's understanding of handling cues learned previously and increasing the dog's independence allowing to handle at a greater distance. We continue to learn new skills like jump 'threadles' and tunnel 'threadles' as well as teaching owners how to make the best handling options for their individual dog. We progress our sequencing and work toward larger sequences and even courses! Contact training and weave training is also a large focus in the program. We work on putting all the pieces together and solidifying the amazing team you and your dog can be! 

Dogs must have previously taken Novice Agility with us to register for this program.




In our Advanced Agility program we work on handling skills required for competitive and International level courses. In this program dogs work on their stopped and running contact training as well as their weave entries and commitment. This program focuses on bringing out the confidence in all handlers so they feel prepared with enough knowledge to make the best handling choices based on the course and their individual dog. All skills are implemented, including front crosses, blind crosses, backsides, threadles, on both jumps and tunnels as well as collection skills and distance handling.

Dogs must have previously completed our Intermediate Program to register.




Our Reactive Rover program is suitable for dogs that react to other dogs, people, and many other things they encounter in day to day life. Dogs may display their reactivity aggressively, fearfully, anxiously or overly excited. Their behaviours towards their triggers may include barking, growling, raising their hair, lunging, pulling on the leash, tail tucking, shaking, or running away. All different types of dogs who struggle with these reactions would benefit from this program by learning to handle and deal with their triggers in a new, positive way and turning to their handler for guidance, comfort, and direction.

This class will provide owners and handlers with the critical skills required to safely assist their dog and navigate daily challenges that may arise in their homes or communities. The class will build trust and confidence between the handler and their dog utilizing only positive-reinforcement and counter-conditioning methods.