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We are a positive reinforcement based training company established in 2018 and located in Sarnia, Ontario. We believe in creating lasting human and canine relationships in a fun, yet structured environment. We offer a wide variety of services with the aim of helping our students shape their dog into the companion they always envisioned.


Have you ever wondered where the name Flash Go. came from? Well, let me tell you about a very special dog name The Flash Gordon. In 2015 my wife and I brought home a little Australian shepherd puppy with my goal being to compete in a high level of agility with him. We quickly began classes and foundation training together. As he grew so did his drive, excitement, and focus for the sport and for playing with me. All of the work on playing we did helped us develop a truly incredible connection that continued to grow with every training session. We continued to train hard and eventually when he was old enough he attended his first competition. I was incredibly nervous but once Gordon and I started running everything disappeared, it was just him and I against the world. He came home with multiple first place ribbons and even some qualifiers for nationals. Gord and I continued to train and compete, leading us to running international level courses and he was eventually ranked the 4th Australian Shepherd in Canada. We were having so much fun, and I continued to wonder what the future had in store for us. All of our dreams came crashing down when Gordon was suddenly diagnosed with cancer at the age of 3. We took him to an oncologist in Michigan and were absolutely shocked to hear just how riddled with cancer his body was. This dog that was playing frisbee earlier that day was now a dog that had lymphoma, secondary leukaemia, and masses in his chest, liver, and kidneys. It was beyond a shadow of a doubt a terminal case. We were going to lose this goofy, driven, affectionate dog who makes our house feel full. We decided to move forward with chemotherapy to try and get as much time as possible with him. Thanks to his incredible veterinarians we had him for four amazing months. The chemo worked so well for him that he continued to do agility, and played lots of fetch. The chemo worked incredibly well, until it didn’t work at all. We are so grateful for that time we had with him. On April 12th, 2019 we said goodbye to our sweet boy. It was three days before his 4th birthday. It was one of the hardest days we have ever faced. Gordon was amazing. He was so full of love and provided us with endless laughs. He challenged us and pushed our buttons at times, but he always knew how to pick us back up. He taught me patience and perseverance. He taught me to have courage in uncertain moments. Not only did Gordon teach me, but over the years he taught many. Gordon had always been our learning dog, he has been run by almost every single one of my agility friends, and some students. He was able to help the novice handlers learn the skills a little easier by using an experienced dog. He was so happy to play with anyone who would play with him. I am unbelievably grateful to have had Gordon in my life, even if it wasn’t for long. He was an absolutely amazing dog with the brightest spirit, and that is why we are Flash Go. Dog Training.




We offer a wide variety of group classes! We have something for every dog, regardless of age or breed! Whether you need to brush up on your pups obedience skills, are looking to try a fun new sport like agility, or want to address some pesky reactivity, we offer it all!


Is there something specific you are hoping to work on? Or maybe a 6 week program isn't suitable for your schedule? A private lesson may be just what you need! Our private lessons can cover obedience, reactivity or behavioural struggles, and even agility training!


Do you live outside of town and can't travel to us? Or maybe you prefer staying in the comfort of your home? We offer virtual training! We have online lessons providing you with a detailed training plan, and videos breaking down exercises step by step to help you reach your goals!

Animal footprint .jpg
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